Sell-side Advisory


BrainCorp has partnered with various Private Equity firms or investment firms throughout the world, and has a strong record of successful mergers, acquisitions and other corporate transactions. In doing so, BrainCorp has been able to assist companies and their owners or shareholders in negotiating such transactions in a variety of different ways: starting by identifying the best possible acquirors, working with them and its clients in effectuating due diligence, valuation and the negotiation for the transaction up until the successful closing. We have been particularly helpful in obtaining multiple bids and helping clients in evaluating and assessing them, as well as determining advantages or disadvantages of their structure from a tax, operational, financial or other point of view.


BrainCorp is most interested in providing its expertise to middle market companies in specific industries, where particular circumstances may apply. For example, we can be particular helpful where an ownership or a managerial team is looking to retire, and wishes to maximize its returns from an M&A or other transaction; or in the case of a business in need of additional capital for expansion or other purposes.

Such companies should meet specific criteria in terms of revenues and profit margins.

Investment Criteria




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